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Crisp beats, with roots in jazz and funk, come together with lush vocals and synths
In hammocks lit with trees below, the subtle words we speak so slow.
lyrics from Afterglow

Lush vocals, huge synths, soulful harmonies and crisp beats come together in the unique sound of Treehaus. Started in 2013 as an electronic solo project by pianist/singer/producer Josh Jacobson, Treehaus has grown into a high-energy live band.

With a background in jazz and funk, the members of Treehaus are motivated by the ideal that a performance should offer more than just a re-creation of the record. Treehaus combines the energy and emotional immediacy of live instrumentation with the impact of electronics to provide a captivating performance.

Treehaus plays live as a trio, often joined by an evolving lineup of guest artists and collaborators. Drummer Andrew Marshall lends his own homegrown blend of 808s and energetic, often gospel-influenced acoustic drums, while Richard Emery fills out the sound on bass and guitar.

Treehaus released a debut full-length album, “Afterglow,” on June 3rd, 2014, and is currently based in Brooklyn.