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Farewell JR

Perfectly cultivating a balance of haunting darkness behind moments of serenity
You can have a piece of me, and do just what you please. You can have all of me.
lyrics from Skin Pieces

To be openly honest, delicate and overwhelming in one swell swoop is not something that is an easy task, let alone simple to create, but in just little over eighteen captivating minutes this is exactly what Cambridge’s Farewell J.R illustrates in the form of new EP, 'and still..'; the first material since the release of debut EP ‘Health’ in March 2013.

‘and still..’ Farewell J.R perfectly cultivates the haunting darkness that can resound behind a moment of serenity. Recalling Daughter or the luscious, ambient textures of Julianna Barwick or Jónsi & Alex, the EP's four tracks pristinely evoke the internal struggle so often hidden behind a public front.

Opener 'Slow Breath' more than lives up to its title in form and function, conjuring that moment at the height of a deep inhalation in which all seems to fall silent, eventually building to a tumultuous, orchestrated climax that cuts through its carefully constructed still.

Meanwhile lead single ‘Skin Pieces' sees wilting strings and glittering pianos interlocking to stunning effect, but it's on EP closer 'Held by a Shiver' that Farewell J.R. hit closest to home. Announced by somnambulist piano chords and mournful cellos, it sees Nick at his most earnest and forthright. Eventually overtaken by swathes of celestial choirs, it's a poignant, elegiac culmination to And Still...; one that's entirely fitting to the EP's process of relieving our deepest tensions and anxieties.

Fresh off the back Communion’s ‘New Faces’ UK tour ‘and still’ was released via Talking Shop Records on 21st April 2014.