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Le Roxy Pro

East Coast surf jams that sound like Queens of the Stone Age catching waves with The Beach Boys
Eyes of piercing cold, lights of blackened mold, let’s run while we’re still bold.
lyrics from Bushkill

A band’s one sheet is quite often written to persuade the reader that the band in question is comprised of the swellest bunch of guys since Danny Tanner graced the silver screen. Or it’s written to make its subject appear as a band of outlaw renegades from a Mad Max style post apocalyptic world where they are the toughest of the tough, the meanest of the mean, trumped by only GG Allin himself.

Listen. I really don’t want to pump your tires or lie about the stuff I’ve done so let me be as forthright as I can. I wrote this album when my band, The Wandas, decided to take its first break in 10 years. It started as a solo record that shifted to a conglomerate amalgamation as I got my favorite players from my favorite Boston bands on the jams: Nick Grieco – The Field Effect – Guitar shred; Jen de la Osa & Henry Beguiristain – Aloud – Sick Guitar jams; Greg Settino – Tiger City – The Skins; Andrew Knox – The Broads – Bass city; Matty Medeiros – Michelle Lewis – Bass grooves; Paul Sentz & Ana Karina DaCosta – Slowdim - Vox Harmonies; Al Polk – Straight Angular – Feedback; Alex Sepe – Age Rings – Keytar and Geytar; Keith McEachern & Ross Lucivero – The Wandas - Piano and Vox Harmonies

Poof. Out shot a sound like The Beach Boys meeting Queens of the Stone Age. I’ve always loved surf jams; I’ve always loved rock music; I’ve always loved making music with my friends and here it all is in one beachy shot. Because these are, as they say, the sickest of the jams. - Brent Battey