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An ode to Dublin told through the vantage point of a teenage rock and roll quartet
I'll make money watching time go by, feeling like a child.
lyrics from Young Employment

Dublin based four piece, GANGS released their debut EP ‘Back To School’ on 6th October via Reekus Records. The EP, produced by Brian Foley, bass player with iconic 80’s band The Blades, has brought their hard-hitting sound to a new level. The teenage rock and roll quartet are Jordan Curtis, Dan Smith, James Connolly, and Jonny Halpin.

The EP is an ode to Dublin and explores life and growing up in the capital through a younger vantage point. The four tracks, each distinct yet bound by a common theme, document the tumultuous love affair between a young man coming of age and his city. From the upbeat ‘Daisy’, which deals with love of place, to the darker undertones captured in ‘There’s Poison In Your Liffey Blood’ the EP cycles through the entire emotional spectrum.

Like previous exports from Dublin City, GANGS too are proud of their hometown and heritage. Their music is passionate and full of anger towards the issues which are dragging down their homeland. With this EP they delve into the dark and gritty elements of life in Dublin, highlighting the poison which has emptied streets and left youth feeling frustrated and hard done by.

With captivating vocals, two classically trained guitarists and a hard-hitting drummer it’s easy to hear shades of everything from ‘60’s rock n roll’ right up to ‘80’s mod rock’ and beyond wrapped up in GANGS distinct style. Their appeal is to the everyman, the working class, the man on the street.

They came together as a band in 2012, backed by their collective appreciation for music and fashion. With a sound and style forged by friendship, talent and a dedication to their craft, the would-be rockers transported themselves to the top of the pile and are now regarded as one of Ireland’s hottest new musical prospects.