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Sleepy Kitty

Equal parts art school weird and erratic garage punk sweetened by 1960s girl group-style harmonies
Don't be afraid once the discovery's made, even though you might be.
lyrics from What Are You Gonna Do When You Find Bigfoot?

Grimy meets shiny in Sleepy Kitty’s music: chugging drums and crunchy guitars sweetened by catchy melodies and vocal harmonies that summon memories of 1960s-era girl groups.” (Boston Globe) So arrived Sleepy Kitty with their sophomore release, Projection Room, on Euclid Records. Taking cues from an eccentric rage of influences from Pavement to technicolor MGM musicals, and Iggy Pop to Jean Luc Godard, Sleepy Kitty are equal parts art-school weird and erratic garage-punk – like the White Stripes if they listened to a little more 1940s musicals.

Comprised of Paige Brubeck and Evan Sult (ex. Harvey Danger, Bound Stems), the St. Louis based duo released Projection Room in January of 2014. It’s a gorgeous art-punk achievement by the band, with flagrant nods to their favorite pop culture influences, art-school references, and flaming guitar solos. Built with a melodic foundation and bursting with stacked '60s harmonies, it's catchy as hell. The album was received with critical acclaim, garnering attention from BUST Magazine, KEXP, and Guitar World, not to mention buzz from well-respected outlets in the blogosphere including Brooklyn Vegan, Brightest Young Thingsand many more. Entertainment Weekly named Sleepy Kitty one of the 20 acts to see at SXSW 2014 (just behind Temples, Angel Olsen, and Perfect Pussy). The St. Louis duo have well and truly captured the hearts of their newfound hometown, winning Riverfront Times' Best New Band in 2010, and Best Indie Band in 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014. For a project that originally began as an outlet for the duo to do "weirdo stuff that [their] own bands weren't interested in doing," as Sult says, Sleepy Kitty has quickly become a full-fledged enterprise. The duo began to take shape at the end of 2008, when Evan Sult, who was drumming for Chicago's Bound Stems after an eight-year stint in late-'90s alt-radio band Harvey Danger, met Paige Brubeck at a party. She was studying at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and playing in the all-girl band Stiletto Attack. Now, based out of their self-described "art castle," a studio space in the middle of Cherokee Street in St. Louis, MO, Sleepy Kitty is a multimedia project: the two also collaborate professionally on rock posters, album artwork, and fine art together. It's this space that has birthed two Sleepy Kitty EP releases: debut LP Infinity City (2011), and sophomore release Projection Room (2014), and is home to a blossoming art and graphics project under the same name. Perhaps in the truest testament to their weird and wonderful influences, the band have played alongside an eclectic array of artists including Chuck Berry, Best Coast, Brody Dalle, JEFF The Brotherhood, Deerhoof, Dresden Dolls,and Allah-Las, as well as LouFest and Middle Of The Map Fest for the last three years. And in true Sleepy Kitty fashion, the duo kicked off their album release with “Laser Kitty”: two sold-out laser shows at the St. Louis Planetarium, choreographed to Projection Room.
Much like the glittering narrative and bright imagery that Projection Room paints, Sleepy Kitty create an ethereal world all their own – and it’s a world that we wanna live in.