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From The Airport

A Korean duo who are co-piloting vibrant synthesized beats with pulsating vocals and edgy guitar riffs
Imagine the chemical love, chemical love, the stellar romance of reaction chemistry. Chemical love, chemical love, exploding romance of untold symmetries.
lyrics from Chemical Love

Synthesizing vibrant beats with pulsating vocals and edgy guitar riffs, movie soundtrack composer Milo and DJ/producer Zee are the superfly co-pilots of Korea’s jetset electro rock duo, From the Airport.

After a serendipitous meeting at a Korean indie rock concert in early 2012, movie soundtrack composer Milo and DJ/producer Zee decided to join forces to form a project band dedicated to providing emotional getaways for listeners around the world - From The Airport.

In 2012/2013, From The Airport hit the airwaves with a series of singles that attracted attention from local and global music critics alike. The UK newspaper, The Guardian, cited their debut single ‘Colors’ as one of the top new international music releases in February 2013. Two months later, their third single ‘Timelines‘ knocked Grammy Award winners Daft Punk from the #1 spot on the influential US chart.

Set to take off and fly even higher in 2014, From The Airport’s long awaited EP ‘Chemical Love’ was released worldwide on February 21 through iTunes, Google Play and Spotify. Once released, From The Airport is winning popularity by word-of-mouth among listeners and music fans. Milo and Zee successfully played in their first live gig [Chemical Love] to a full house. They led both critics and fans to keep an eye out for their walks.