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Emilyn Brodsky

Humorous and confessional lyrics, with deft ukulele playing and incomparable storytelling
Your stomach went but your head stayed, you kept it down and out of the way.
lyrics from Functional Alcoholic

As the daughter of a politician and a showgirl, Emilyn Brodskywas born to perform. Based in Manhattan where she lives in a house reminiscent of ‘The Royal Tennenbaums’ with a collection of other artists, Brodsky surrounds herself with a cast of characters from which she draws sonic and emotional inspiration. On September 23rd, she released Emilyn Brodsky Eats Her Feelings (Dead Stare), her sophomore long player. The album features Brodsky’s humorous and confessional lyrics, deft ukulele playing and incomparable storytelling.

The tracks that comprise Brodsky’s album deeply capture her ethos: songs that are both intimate and universal, aggressive and vulnerable. They embody elements of the anti-folk movement alongside a vocal style reminiscent of indie rock songstresses, Jenny Lewis and Nicole Atkins. In addition to Brodsky’shusky alto and witty lyrics the album’s sonic palate is vibrant and compelling, reverberating with ukulele, cello, guitar, piano, bass, accordion and drums.

“This record is a very personal and specific account of some pretty global feelings and ideas," says Brodsky “I want people to feel like they're sitting in my bedroom listening to me tell them about my feelings, so they can feel like I'm sitting in their bedroom listening to theirs.” Throughout the album, the songs are interspersed with voicemails left by friends and family and saved, unbeknownst to them for future use. “I've always been a hoarder of voicemails, a hoarder of human beings too,” Brodsky says. “I love people and I think I do my best work in that medium so it seemed obvious to share some snippets of those interactions. I've always liked to shove little pieces of my life between my songs when I play live -- the voicemails seemed like a perfect way of doing that on the album.”

Emilyn was featured in the third season of the hit HBO show, Girls, playing the first single from Emilyn Brodsky Eats Her Feelings, “Someone Belongs Here.” For this record, Emilyn found inspiration by looking within. “I think this record is me trying to document the process of learning restraint, balance, discipline - all words I would have run from years ago - in my relationship with feelings (and with people too). Learning to love my feelings but not to overindulge in them. There have been lots of pitfalls, crashes, and failures along the way as I learned and you can hear those on this record. You can hear the hope and the strength and power that comes from not letting those things take you down, too. "