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Dulcet, dreamy girl group harmonies swelling with fuzzy lo-fi guitars
Tell me your oldest memory, yes I will keep it.
lyrics from Honey Do

Beverly began as a recording project between Drew Citron and Frankie Rose. Although Citron grew up in San Francisco and Rose spent many years there, it wasn’t until the two were living in Brooklyn that they started collaborating. In 2012, Rose found herself in need of a musician that could travel to SXSW on short notice, and Citron found herself in the right place at the right time.

Since then, Citron has been a part of Rose’s touring band. During numerous tours, the two shared aspirations for making simple, clutter-free music. Beverly’s debut album Careers, out July 1st on Kanine Records, is a result of those ideas. Conceived on the road, the songwriting and production reflects both Citron’s pop sensibility and Rose’s sharp ear for harmony and arrangement. In between tours, the two spent time at Dr. Wu’s, a studio in Brooklyn where Yale Yng- Wong engineered and mixed the majority the album.

Careers combines raw pop, post-punk, and dreamy harmonies, drawing inspiration from lo-fi greats such as The Amps and The Clean. To transport the songs out of the studio and to tour in support of the record, Citron will collaborate with additional musicians. Rose, treating Beverly as a side recording project, will continue to maintain focus on her solo career.