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The Franklin Electric

A Montreal-based music collective crafts tender, moving folk-pop with orchestral flourishes
Trust in me, I'd lead you blindly, if I needed someone to follow my role.
lyrics from This Is How I Let You Down

Montreal-based alternative folk-pop band The Franklin Electric turned heads in 2012, claiming first prize in a Nashville song writing competition with the infectious song, “Old Piano”. The group then banded together to lay down their debut album "This is How I Let You Down".

The album was produced by The Franklin Electric's lead vocalist/piano/trumpeter and songwriter Jon Matte. He worked alongside award-winning mixing engineer Rob Heaney for an almost - live approach to the recordings, Jon's stellar song writing guides the eleven tracks with a confident brass section and strong harmonies there to add melodic support, the songs were then mixed by Grammy winner Chris Shaw allowing the sonic beauty of the songs to shine.

“Our music has allowed us to reach many new fans through shows, select radio stations in Canada and the U.S have started playing and supporting the music and a surprising number of bloggers have also discovered the music organically through direct connections with the songs, at live shows, on a roof top or just meeting someone who spoke about us! Dedicated to the music, we are truly grateful for this honest, independent magic in the evolution of the band” says Matte.

As front man and heart behind the group, Jon Matte has built his career on a resume of professionalism. He studied music at Vanier College in Montreal, and shortly after built a roster of production credits working with popular Canadian artists such as Patrick Watson, Bran Van 3000, and Bad News Brown.

After winning a video campaign with Australian based company, The Franklin Electric released the official video for the title track of our album ''This Is How I Let You Down'', filmed in Melbourne and directed by Julian Lucas, & Jarred Osborn. With brilliant story telling and cinematic visuals, a second music video was released with the same duo of directors in mid-February for the song “Unsatisfied”.

Recently, the band caught the attention of Indica Records (home to Half Moon Run, Phantogram…), who released their album on May 6th 2014.