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French Films

Sixties influenced pop melodies coupled with pinches of new wave and punk from a Finnish five-piece
We're young but already so old. Our hearts are filled with doubt and sold for the highest bidder in this mess we live and die.
lyrics from Golden Sea

French Films is a five-piece indie rock group originating from Finland. Since the band was formed in 2010, it’s music has been characterized by sixties influenced pop melodies coupled with pinches of new wave and punk. This energetic and catchy rock group has been recognized and praised by several of the most influential music medias and has developed a strong reputation as a glaring live act.

Immediately after releasing their first single online, French Films produced buzz among the industry media and got promptly signed by a Finnish indie label Gaea Records. The hype around the band escalated quickly, as the group recalls: “It was pretty ridiculous, since we had clearly not planned anything solid for this so called ‘side project’, which was all it was in the beginning. But playing and writing songs together was so much fun we decided to take it further.”

In 2011 the band toured in Europe and released its self-produced debut album Imaginary Future in September. The album received a fair amount of positive feedback, reviews and airplay, mainly in Central Europe and Finland. The debut album also brought French Films the European Border Breakers Award, which has previously been handed to acts such as Adele, Mumford & Sons and Lykke Li. After releasing Imaginary Future, the group continued touring and played shows in Japan and UK for the first time.

In spring 2012 French Films released a 7” single called When People Like You Filled The Heavens, while continuing to tour in Europe. Later the same year, after a busy festival season including shows at Roskilde, Hultsfred and Flow Festival, the group returned to the studio to record their second album. The outcome, self-produced White Orchid was released in spring 2013.

Following the success of their second album, the group opened for Muse at Helsinki Olympic Stadium in July 2013 and toured yet again in Europe and Japan in the fall. In early 2014 guitarist Max Salonen joined the group, replacing one of the original members Joni Kähkönen.

After active international touring and two remarkable album releases, French Films has proven its place as one of the most promising Finnish indie rock bands. At the moment, the band is working on new material for their third, upcoming studio album.