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Tango Alpha Tango

Lead-footed rock and roll that owes as much to Bob Dylan as it does Led Zeppelin
Black cloud hanging 'round, last hope hopeless town.
lyrics from Black Cloud

Tango Alpha Tango is a four-piece rock & roll band from Portland, OR led by songwriter, guitarist and lead vocalist, Nathan Trueb. Trueb is a virtuoso on the guitar whose name will soon be listed among the greats; add his talent for penning a timeless song and that list gets even shorter. He is joined by his wife Mirabai on bass, Joey Harmon on drums, and Daniel Jones on keyboards. They have created an authentic brand of rock music that owes as much to Bob Dylan as it does Led Zeppelin. The intricate songs feature fuzzed-out, psychedelic riffs anchored by powerful bass lines, hypnotic synths, and lead-footed grooves. Their live show is something to behold: four incredibly talented musicians playing every set as if it is their last and all the while showing how much fun it is to be up on stage. They caught the attention of Rich Robinson (the Black Crowes) and in late July of 2014 they joined him on the West Coast leg of his world tour. They also recently were invited to KEXP in Seattle, WA for an in-studio performance of three songs off of their latest LP, Black Cloud, and a brand new one that should make anyone excited for their next record.