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TroffaHamra y los Mechones

A Mediterranean musical melange that moves between swing, bossa nova, reggae and more
Longing for what you don't have makes you missing all the details....those tiny details that make life worthwhile.
lyrics from The Best Day of My Life

Born in the tiny Mediterranean island of Malta, TroffaĦamra (Ruth Abela) was bred in a musical family. Her father, a drummer, always took her and brother Mark to his gigs, and her mother, a lover of musicals, sang to them all the time. When guitarist great- uncle gave her her first guitar at 5 years old, she knew she ́d never be away from her guitar. Though in her teenage years she changed to piano, then to clarinet, then to saxophone, her guitar was always there to accompany her in the difficult moments, where she used to write songs to feel better. In June 2010 TroffaĦamra (meaning red tuft in maltese) packed her suitcase and few off to Barcelona, in search of new challenges and inspirations. One of her dreams was to meet musicians and play her songs, and maybe form her own band. In a masters course of music therapy, she met Maria, a tuba player. They clicked immediately and started to play together in the streets and metro of Barcelona. Maria knew Eloi, a trumpet player, and Eloi knew Feliu, a drummer. In the meantime, TroffaĦamra made friends with Rafa, a guitarist, and in no time TroffaĦamra y los Mechones was born. The musicians came from different musical backgrounds (jazz, classical, rock) but this was exactly what made the group sound so distinct, together with the particular blend of instruments and the uniqueness of TroffaĦamra's compositions. They started gigging around Barcelona, played in the Harlem Jazz Club and Barcelona Live Music Festival, among others, and also played in Malta ́s Rock the South Festival. In February 2013, they independently launched their first album “I Hate You For That”, which is the collection of TroffaĦamra ́s pre-Barcelona compositions. The songs are inspired from life experiences and the style moves between the limits of reggae, bossa and spaghetti western ska (a term invented by Eloi). In March 2014, they launched their second album “Todo es más bonito”, edited by the record label Dona Cançó. This time, TroffaĦamra composed and arranged the songs with the group in mind. The infuences of living in Barcelona played a big part on the style and she also started to write in Spanish (apart from English and Maltese). TroffaĦamra y los Mechones is not limited to a style or genre, but aims to exploit all the contrasts found between them – styles, influences, sounds, emotions and languages, put together by the compositions of TroffaĦamra. The result is an explosion of freshness and feel-good factor with a pinch of irony – the TroffaĦamra y los Mechones swing-bossa-folk-spaghetti-western-ska style!