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Thor Rixon

Eccentric-yet-delightful downtempo electronic soundscapes from a South African producer
I’m playing my part with my weak arm, I’m trying to be tough but it’s not going too well.
lyrics from Misery Belle

Thor Rixon makes it his focus to experiment with live and electronic sound production as much as he can. He exercises his production skills in genres ranging from downtempo chill-wave to deep and rolling dance music. Rixon almost always makes use of interesting and often strange acoustic instrumentation to capture unheard sounds and soundscapes in his productions. When in contact with Rixon’s music, you will most certainly move in the strangest of ways.

Thor Rixon’s music career started out, like many, as a kid strumming a guitar. This evolved into his teen years where he played trumpet for high school bands. After leaving high school in 2010 he veered toward the electronic music world and proceeded to hone his knowledge of music production.

Thor released his debut solo album, Shared Folder, in May 2013 with Tea Time Favourites, his 2nd album release, in June 2014, and has produced tracks for Al Bairre, Booklub and Push Push.