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Lili Kendall

Memorable, cleverly dark pop tunes from a rising 17 year-old Australian artist
Now I see you, you’re the devil in the pale moonlight. Baby I choose that I don’t wanna dance no more.
lyrics from Moonlight

Brisbane indie pop artist Lili Kendall recently released her new single, Moonlight, complemented by a dark, textured film clip that shows maturity well beyond her seventeen years. Moonlight kicks off a unique project that will see Lili release a new original song each month before dropping her debut full-length album at the end of 2014. 
With the pipes of Adele and the edge of Rihanna, it becomes obvious why Lili’s star is on the rise. A songwriter since she was just eleven years old, Lili co-wrote Moonlight with her mentor - one of LA’s most notorious writers - Cameron Jaymes and recorded the smash single at SoundBox Studios in LA. A cleverly dark pop smash with an instant hook, Moonlight will keep you singing its memorable melody well after song’s end. “Moonlight was written about finally seeing someone for who they are after you fallout of love with them,” explains Lili.
 The video for Moonlight was shot in Palm Springs with Los Angeles indie film director Jory Lee Cordy (Alt-J, Icona Pop, Frank Ocean) and plays out like a big budget American thriller with Lili acting as the starring beauty. “Filming the Moonlight video was a very cold and long night,” says Lili. “The desert gets near freezing at night and we were still filming at 2am, then had to restart at 5am to catch the sunrise! But the end result and lack of sleep was well worth it!” 
With an extensive global industry network and a buzz that follows Lili’s every move, there’s no wonder Moonlight has already been added to over twenty US college radio stations in its first week. Having only recently turned heads in Canada after being invited to showcase her new material at Canadian Music week last month, Lili was the only female artist from Brisbane in attendance. 

Juggling school with an ever-growing music career, Lili just took a month off of school for Canadian Music Week and to play some shows and write some songs in LA. “It's hard being thrown back into class with 10 assignments that are due in a few weeks, but I go to a music school and they are really cool about letting me leave for music, I am in my last year so I have 6 months left of 12 years of schooling till I don't have to worry about juggling school and music anymore. I just try and get in and do it without getting overwhelmed or over thinking the work at hand,” explains the mature seventeen year old.