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Wistful, gauzy shoegaze/indie rock with sprawling, layered melodies
I'm so dead, I feel alive.
lyrics from So Dead

Toronto-based band Tearjerker was born from the shared mindset that allowed for each member to play an equal part in the creative process. Since 2009, the band has released two albums, an EP, a few remix projects, and a handful of singles, completely independently. Everything, from the writing, recording, production and album artwork has come from the three of them. Tearjerker has even released special edition cassettes of their albums with handmade packaging, lending a personal, tangible feel to each offering.

“We wanted to put out music we thought was cool and that we liked, and have a homemade, DIY feel about it,” Micah says. “We’ve done everything ourselves up until this point.”

The trio signed with SQE Music in 2014, where they will retain the DIY aesthetic as much as possible. “They didn’t want to change our process,” Trevor notes. “They wanted to give us the tools to keep doing exactly what we’re doing but just shine more light on it.” The band’s first release on the label is a four-song EP called Hiding. The gauzy, surging, shoegazy indie rock songs were written and recorded in the musicians’ homes in Toronto. Much of the music was recorded separately, in solitary circumstances, and then brought together to create the sprawling, layered melodies.

Throughout the EP Micah’s lyrics find emotional grounding in the music itself. Hiding also offers a preview of what’s to come on the band’s next full-length, which they are presently writing to release later in 2014.

“The four songs on Hiding are individually unique, but together they are a part of our cohesive sound,” Taylor says. “We always have an underlying theme for each release, whether it’s a conscious decision or not.”

Tearjerker, in its current form, operates on instinct and sincerity. They’re less concerned with selling singles than they are with being a prolific group that consistently unveils interesting new music. And it’s important to them that each piece of that music exists in the world in palpable form. “We take pride in making a really cool product that we can hold,” Trevor says. “It’s exciting for us as much as it is for anybody who is a fan.”