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Interstellar travels through whorls of ambient trip hop from New Zealand
I've been suffering a long time, I've been suffering.
lyrics from Whatever You Want

The Doprah sound is not so much international as intergalactic - noise that stretches outwards and inward as if concocted in a particularly colourful area of your mind. Drawing comparison to a couple of heads (Radio and Portis) as well as praise from Lorde herself, this is one live show that cannot be missed.

The songs are created in partnership by Steven Marr and Indira Force, with Marr handling production duties and Force the vocal majority. Bringing the songs to a live setting required more hands on deck (and an extra foot for the kick drum). In full six-piece form Doprah's live show is an immersive experience. Off the back of two New Zealand Alternative Chart number one singles, 'Whatever You Want and 'Stranger People,' the band played to packed venues around the country late last year.

2014 is set to provide more excitement for the band as they seek adventure further abroad. Debut EP out now and keep your ears poised for a full album later this year.