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Dylan Gardner

Innocent yet sophisticated pop songs from a young self-taught, internet-obsessed songwriter
I'll be quiet, you'll be dangerous, want to show you just how love is.
lyrics from Let's Get Started

Dylan Gardner lives in San Tan Valley, Arizona. He spends his days writing and recording songs when he is not jamming in the garage with his brother Mark the drummer or gigging with his 4 piece band. Dylan is one of a new breed of young artists for whom the internet is a great education. He has spent the last 10 years of his life obsessed with the art of songwriting, and the internet provides the entire history at his fingertips. Dylan taught himself to be a multi instrumentalist, pro-tools engineer, and bedroom producer (though it’s not your typical bedroom; the closet has been turned into a vocal booth).

None of this would matter if Dylan’s songs weren’t so effortlessly, effervescently extraordinary. Innocent yet sophisticated, classic but up-to-the-minute, and utterly comfortable and confident in his own skin, Dylan is a major talent.

In 2013, he signed to Big Deal Music Publishing, and recorded his debut album “Adventures in Real Time,” co-produced with John Dragonetti of the Submarines.

He loves Animal Collective, The Beatles, Captain Beefheart, De La Soul, Elliott Smith, Fun., Gene Vincent, The Hollies, The Incredible String Band, Jackson C. Frank, The Kinks (and Kimbra), Love, The Modern Lovers, Nick Drake, Outkast, The Pretty Things, Queern, The Remains, Sam Cooke, The 13th Floor Elevators Ultramagnetic MC’s, The Velvet Underground, Bill Withers, X-Ray Spex, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and The Zombies. There could be another whole alphabet.

It’s the best time in history to be a music fan. And it’s about to get better.