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Mt. Royal

Spellbinding, heart-driven indie rock from members of Future Islands, Celebration, and Lake Trout
But you held the gun to save your lonely soul. Can you pull the trigger, let it go?
lyrics from Missing Reward

Mt. Royal brings together members of Baltimore indie-rock greats Celebration, Lake Trout, and touring members of Future Islands. The city is known for having a robust and diverse music scene in which musical collaborations frequently occur between artists, leading to a myriad of new bands and projects being formed.

Mt. Royal is an example of this. The band, comprised of Katrina Ford (vocals), Ed Harris (bass), Matt Pierce, (keys) and WoodyRanere (guitar); first started as an instrumental project for which Ford was contributing vocals to two songs. After recording the tracks ("Mockingbird", "What's On My Grave?") and playing live together a few times it was clear that there was a new sound and energy present and that this collaboration would become its own band. The new group followed up with another set of songs; now collected together and To describe Mt. Royal's music it is easiest to explain that their contrasting elements work together for the sake of a common purpose.

Their aesthetics and melodies appear to have a friendly pop leaning ready for a broad audience; while there is also a consistent undercurrent of attitude from the rhythm section and emotive, powerful vocal deliveries from Ford. The arrangements are slightly out of the ordinary to give the listener some unexpected twists while retaining the clear focus of each song. The end result is a reconciling of the most fundamental elements of heart driven music with the eclectic sonic palette that represents the world we all live in today.