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Hugo Kant

A French multi-instrumentalist/producer of downtempo electronic music jazzed up with hip hop
I want to lay in the plants in the sun in the day, and breathe where the air is fresh, far away from machines and the smell of death.
lyrics from In The Woods (The Herbaliser Remix feat. Ghettosocks)

Hugo Kant produces soulful downtempo music, flavored with jazz, jazz-rock, hip hop, classical and even psychedelia.

Penetrating instrumental performances, atmospheric samples and high density rhythmics are the ingredients of his tasty music.

A French multi-instrumentalist and producer, Kant has worked in many bands since 1994 and began his own project by releasing the “Searching London" EP on May 13th, 2011. This was soon followed by his debut album "I Don't Want To Be An Emperor" (released on June 27th, 2011) which received excellent feedback from listeners and music industry professionals.

He has performed his music on stage in a trio, and has opened for well-known bands such as DJ Krush, Chinese Man, Wax Tailor and The Herbaliser.

He also lends himself to the art of remix, sometimes for remix contests - his remix of "Electric Eyes" by Metaform ranked number 3 by listeners, and his remix of "Ping" by Hauschka was selected number 2 by Fat Cat Records. He's also remixed and collaborated with other artists.

2013 saw the release of “Another Point Of Mix I“ (07/01/2013), a remix album of tracks from "I Don't Want To Be An Emperor", featuring remixes by Zé Mateo (Chinese Man) (FR), Jon Kennedy (UK), Blossom (PL), Radio Citizen (DE), Kovacs (HU), Screenatorium (FR), Cuz (FI), Renegades Of Jazz (DE) and Triberg (DE). That same year, he also released the “Leave Me Alone” EP (01/07/2013), featuring two tracks from his next album plus two remixes by The Herbaliser (UK) and Chinese Man (FR).

His latest album “The Point Of No Return” was released on June 9th 2014.