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Whoa Dakota

A Nashville-based rock outfit fronted by yearning, sultry female vocals
I can’t get enough of when he says my name. He held me like a rose then he up and went away.
lyrics from Hattie

An emerging Nashville-based rock outfit, Whoa Dakota draws its sound and its members from all over the musical landscape. With roots stretching from delta blues to contemporary rock n’ roll, Whoa Dakota’s sound is both familiar and fresh, an eclectic blend of musical styles that defy a singular genre.

With yearning vocals delivered by front woman Jessica Ott, grinding slide guitar, and a powerful rhythm section, Whoa Dakota pays homage to the rock and roll greats and also brings the genre to a well-communicated and contemporary new space. Their sets carry audiences through lavish anthems and grounding acoustic moments with soft, lyrically centered vocals. Their debut EP, recorded live to 2 inch tape, was released Spring of 2014.