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Sophisticated multilingual pop/rock solo project from the iconic Brazilian Girls' front woman
Asked a man for a light, and he caught fire.
lyrics from Viva L'amour

The iconic Sabina is best known as front woman of the New York Cult Band ‘Brazilian Girls’, a quartet celebrated by the press and audiences alike. They released three successful records on Verve Records, the third one nominated for a Grammy, they toured the US, Europe , Asia and Latin-America, and appeared on TV (Dave Letterman, Jimmy Kimmel, CSI, Six-feet under, ..) and Radio, which, given the international sound and eclecticism of their music, is quite an achievement. David Sprague called Brazilian Girls ‘the only dance band that matters’ in Variety, ‘Hard to imagine a better poster girl for polyglot New York pop than Sabina’ wrote Jody Rosen in the New York Times, ‘Glamourous’ wrote Charley Rogulewski in the Rolling Stone. On Viva L’Amour we rediscover Sabina’s unique low voice, her anthemic songwriting, her signature multilingual storytelling, albeit this time within a quite different musical setting.

The keyboards and samples of Brazilian Girls give way to Sabina’s to-the-point electric guitar riffs, dancebeats and loops are replaced by minimal grooves and bass-lines. All artifice removed, what remains is the essence. Sabina at her best, making us shiver and tingle, as if she told us our very own story. Her own story Is really what set the picturesque background for her unique sound. Born in Rome to a German mother and an Italian father, she lived in Italy, Germany, then France before coming to the US, where she lived for a decade before returning to Paris, where she now lives again. “I left my origins and roamed far and wide, I’ll always be a nomad I suppose, but, as weird as it may sound, whenever I was on an airplane above any other continent than Europe, I thought ‘oh, please don’t let me die here’, I’m a real European, I want to die here. ‘ she says, flashing a smile. The sound of Sabina’s music is reminiscent of rock and pop classics from the 60s and 70s (think Nico flirting with David Byrne and Keith Richards having a chat with Pattie Smith in Ibiza) but very much contemporary, using today’s recording techniques and low-fi esthetics to create a completely original sound, unpretentious yet sophisticated, serious yet light. Add to this mix Sabina’s looks and charisma, her connectedness to any audience, witness her captivating stage presence and you’ll discover a star without pretense, a true artist.