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Airy, abstract French trip hop that should soundtrack your next dinner party in space
Sultry screams turn to whispers, I turn myself undone.
lyrics from So Let's Begin

Kognitif is 29 year-old trip-hop, abstract hip-hop & downtempo beatmaker from Poitiers, France. Producing music for about three years, he already has two albums under his belt : My Space World (2012), which mixes samples, airy and jazzy melodies, sometimes dark and strange; and Monometric (2014), in the same vein as the first LP, with more featured vocals, and the inclusion of real live instruments.

Before releasing his first album, Kognitif initially released a couple of tracks online. After seeing positive responses, he worked for about five months to write, record, and complete My Space World.

In terms of production, Kognitif uses a basic configuration of Ableton Live, with a synth plugged into it, and a pad to make his drum beats. He is a formally trained pianist, and does a 50/50 mix of using samples and creating his own compositions. But on the second album, he collaborated with many musicians to use real instruments and built a more acoustic/less synthesized sound.

Being 100% self-produced and independent, Kognitif has reached significant underground fame and critical acclaim, all by word of mouth, despite a total lack of promotion. 2013 saw him start touring with fellow producer DJ Lastik, and he just partnered with Greek label Melting Records to put out "My Space World" on vinyl.