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Rainbow Jackson

Let freedom ring to the tune of scuzzy Californian power pop made for BBQs and chugging beers
I’ve been having all my day dreams in the middle of the night. In the day I have them too, in the night they all come true.
lyrics from Nightcrawler

Rainbow Jackson, the scuzzed-up power pop band from Echo Park, take their name from the greatest American athlete to ever play two sports, Bo Jackson. The band gets frequent comparisons to Weezer and Tom Petty, both for their intimate songwriting and guitar driven sonic texture. Comprised of guitairist/vocalist Chad Carlisle, guitarist Sam Daggett, bassist Laith Khalaf  and drummer, Andy Ford, the band members are close friends and share a tiny two bedroom house / practice space with a cat, a dog and a small collection of uninvited mice.

Last summer, Rainbow Jackson released a split 7” with The Hindu Pirates on Near Mess Records and were named by Death+Taxes Magazine one of SXSW’s rising stars. The buzz from that landed the band a few other opportunities, including an on-air performance with AXS TV Live and first place in Diffuser.FM’s Song of the Month Poll. In February, the band followed up their 7” with the release of “Perpetual Summer, their second EP, which Buzzbands.LA noted "recalls the grit of ’70s pioneers T. Rex and Badfinger".

Recently, Rainbow Jackson released a video for Anthony, their latest single from “Perpetual Summer”. The band wrangled their friends for a slow-motion party complete with all the essentials: balloons, Coors Light, silly string, and a DIY spirit to back up the fist-pumping bar anthem, which was written at quaalude-beats per minute and specially designed to make you yell every single word off key while spilling your beer into your own hair.

Later this summer, Rainbow Jackson will be featured alongside hometown heroes Grouplove in an ad campaign for Newcastle Ale. After that, the band will be gearing up to release their debut full length album.