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Kelly and the Hermanos

Brooklyn’s new balladeers create timeless melodies with southern charm and a sweet country touch
Brick by brick, stone by stone, I built this home, to get away from it all.
lyrics from Brick By Brick

The first thing you notice when you hear Kelly and The Hermanos is that they’ve melted together. Singer Kelly Bartley’s mermaid voice masterfully intertwines with The Hermanos; Johnny Simon Jr. – Electric Guitar; Tommy Lee Bohlen – Pedal Steel Guitar, Mandolin; Michael Haziza – Bass, Vocals, Banjo; Javier Cruz – Drums, Vocals, Mandolin, over reverb fueled nuances and careful instrumentation that spins around your head before it spills into your heart.

Their debut album, “Underwater Western” brought them an audience stretching beyond the Boston roots where they formed in 2011. Since relocating to Brooklyn, they’ve strung up a stream of shows at Joes Pub, Rockwood Music Hall, and The Rodeo Bar. Kelly and The Hermanos have also been featured in blogs by Glamour Magazine and the world renowned music streaming service Grooveshark.

Brooklyn’s new balladeers explore a range of emotions, soundscapes and atmospheres in their music with a lyrical poignancy and a sweet country touch that’ll send chills up your spine. While some songs transport listeners down cozy cold cabin winters lit up with big choruses like in “Lay It Down”, others, like their jumpy tune, “Where’d She Go”, sound like a circus roller-skating through a Harlem summer afternoon before blinking you into a 1950’s-esque guitar solo. You just never know where their songs will take you.

Kelly and The Hermanos’ music is richly composed with a sense of timelessness to them that’s been beautifully charged with enough southern charm to engage listeners on a personal level and will keep you wanting more. Stay tuned to Kelly and The Hermanos as they gear up for a new release.