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The Wild Wild

Sparkling Californian synthpop with flashes of mystical percussive elements
I know we're gonna live forever, even if the good die young.
lyrics from Alright

Having grown restless with the familiarity of the American midwest, Ben Dunn embarked on a journey to explore the country. The steadily forming ideology within him had become solidified; namely that all is mythology. Everything is sacred narrative, and that he- and the world at large, are living a life of the fantastical.

With this ethos informing his journey, Dunn emerged along the California coast; sleeping on beaches and any place to lay his head along the way. He discovered Santa Cruz, a luscious sanctuary that came to epitomize the ideology within him, and this laid the foundation to create The Wild Wild.

Dunn chased these threads, these myths, into the mountains around his home, and brought them into the studio. Playful & quirky ideas, inspired by the likes of Caspian & The Star— with percussive parts & tambourines that sparkle like the night-stars in staccato flash; anthemic synth lines surging like the prow of a ship through the surf toward some mystical land, and melodies that surfaced through singing-elephants in some anthropomorphic dream.

The result is The Wild Wild's self-titled debut EP. Love-epics between imaginary characters and the fantastical world they live in. “When We Were Young” opens the EP with the nostalgic sounds of children laughing, and a buzzing omnichord that melts into the forefront like a West Coast sunset. “Let me take the world off your shoulders” Dunn offers on "Alright," bringing listeners by the hand into The Wild Wild’s otherworldly, semi-retro-synth-pop, and not letting go until the EP wraps. Through it, Dunn and The Wild Wild aim to inspire all those who hear it to recognize the myths found far and wide, and to embrace the fantastical world surrounding us all.