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Such Hounds

Enjoy the first day of summer with a smoky blend of punk rock recklessness and glistening nostalgia
I sold my soul to the devil and I suppose you don't believe the things that I know.
lyrics from Sold My Soul

From the band’s formation to their freewheeling approach, everything about the Brooklyn janglers in Such Hounds is a perfectly crafted mess. A chance meeting at a metal show followed by a hazy Halloween night run in brought together Matt Martin (vocals/guitar) and Ross Anderson (drums) in 2011. With the addition of Matt Giordano (guitar) and Sean Kraft (bass), something once undiscovered was brought to life.

With influences ranging across the board from Neil Young to The Misfits, the result is ragged Americana paired with a punk spirit. From happy-hour-hymns to baked-over-blues, Such Hounds borrow bits from their folk forefathers adding a heavy mix of psychedelia, garage rock and spilled beer. Their smoky blend of punk rock recklessness and bluesy reflection lingers in a faint blue-collar moonlight, calling to mind strains of Band of Horses, The Replacements, Deer Tick and early 7 Seconds.

The band has been hailed as a “perfect blend of Americana rock n roll and dirty drawling folk” (The 405) and ““extremely well crafted rootsy rock'n'roll full of attitude, solid arrangements and memorable choruses” (The Deli NYC). Such Hounds have also made their mark in their live shows, with performances across New York City and showcases at the CMJ and Northside festivals.

The band's latest release, I Hate Summer EP is out now through Brooklyn label The Sleepover Party, carrying with it a glistening nostalgia and the sweetest hangover. Crack a tall boy, find your friends and join in on the raucous sing-along.