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Ghost Beach

Balmy '80s-inspired tropical grit pop from a New York duo
All of the pieces came apart in your mind so you layer them all out.
lyrics from Been There Before

GHOST BEACH, the New York-based duo of Josh Ocean and Eric “Doc” Mendelsohn is part of a community of musicians and artists that are always pushing each other to innovate from both a writing and performance perspective. “Being in New York helps us get these inspirations out almost as quickly as we take them in," says Ocean. 

Bringing together the two worlds of electronic and live performance is the ethos of a duo whose sound is self-described as "Tropical Grit Pop.”  “We like writing pop music. We draw a lot from the 80's, including Peter Gabriel, The Police and Talking Heads,” says Ocean.  “Their music incorporated synthesizers and drum machines, had tons of energy and it had a very eclectic sound. From a songwriting standpoint, that is where we draw our inspiration and today we attempt to bridge the gap by using a similar sonic palette in combination with modern recording technologies including Ableton." added Mendelsohn. So, if the upbeat and engaging hooks of songs like “Miracle” and “Every Time We Touch” bring up a slight aural flashback, there is good reason. In Spring 2014, the group will share their debut full-length album Blonde on Nettwerk Records.  Blonde will feature a mix of newly recorded material and a handful of tracks from the bands self-released Modern Tongues EP.  All previously released songs will be remixed, re-mastered and enhanced for the forthcoming LP. GHOST BEACH is not purely electronic or purely a live band, but a realization of what lies in the middle.  Josh plays the jilted lover with vocal panache as Eric's soaring synths, guitars and forever young harmonies are plucked right out of Neverland. GHOST BEACH is more about a time than a place, and that time is now.