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Two comrades whose aim is to get your body moving and to transport you to your happy place
So can you stay for the night, so I can see you when the lights just coming out.
lyrics from When the Lights

Picture it. Chicago. The late 1980’s. Two little boys dressed in their best Ghostbusters gear, holding onto their He-Man swords, head into preschool while their moms chat about the goings-on of the day. Do you think these boys had any clue they’d grow up and form a band together? Well, they did and so began the story of Bestfriends.

Separately, Nick and Greg have played in a variety of punk rock bands over the past 10 years. This helped grow their love for live music. It wasn’t until they joined a pop/punk band that they started to love the electronic side of music. They realized they could create a full band mixing their two passions and Bestfriends was born. You know when you hear a song, and it takes you back to a special place, time, or moment of your life? Your song of the summer. Your song of college. The song that reminds you of high school. That moment seems “So Far Away,” but the minute you hear your special song, you are instantly transported to that time.

This is the kind of music Nick & Greg create. And create is just what they do. Their music is solely their own. They write, compose, produce, and perform every song themselves, focusing on every detail. Each song requires extensive time to craft, but the result is a tune that will get your body moving and transport you to your happy place.