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Shanee Pink

Artful, dreamy rock emanating cool Laurel Canyon vibes and a collaborative spirit
While the fires are heating up your head, can you really think clearly? Draw a picture dark so you can see if there's a spark in you that begs to say it's not, says it isn't so.
lyrics from Man To Man

Shanee Pink (pronounced Shuh-NEE) is a purveyor of dreamy rock that oozes vibe and cool. Although most commonly recognized as one half of neo folk duo Pink & Noseworthy, Shanee is now making a mark with her solo career. Her sound alternates between folk and electronic pop, with a clear foray into classic rock as well. With vocals that convey soft vulnerability, she evokes Jenny Lewis, while forbearers like Debbie Harry can be attributed for ingraining a strong female perspective. She is also indebted to pioneers such as David Bowie, whose capacity for shape shifting and preference for hard driven poetic individualism clearly influence her own soulfulness.

Currently nestled in Los Angeles’ Laurel Canyon, the half American and half Israeli artist is, in her own words, “trying to make LA feel like a small town.” In addition to planning a proposed music festival in Downtown LA, Shanee curates a monthly music night in her home known as The Laurel Canyon Music Revival, where she and fellow artists are redefining the current sound of their pulsating environment. Over the years Laurel Canyon has seen many musical trends and scenes, notably from psychedelic rock to mellow folk. Now, there is a scene blending Laurel Canyon’s complete musical history with a modern, intelligently produced approach.

Shanee’s latest EP, Spreading In The Light, which she co-produced with Daniel Wright of Song Preservation Society, is among the products of the new Laurel Canyon scene. In addition to vocals, Pink plays ukulele, both acoustic and electric guitars, notably her 1979 Gretsch BST 1000, and percussion on several tracks. Musically, her tender and thoughtful personality drives the tempo, but she is accompanied by a talented array of musicians including the members of Song Preservation Society; Daniel Wright is featured on drums, Trevor Bahnson on electric guitar and Ethan Glazer on bass. Additionally, cameos were made by Mark Noseworthy (Pink & Noseworthy, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros) on slide guitar, Jason Pipkin (Poolside) on drums, and Shanee’s brother, producer Ran Pink, on keys. All tracks were mixed by Mike Edge (Boardwalk) and Ran Pink. Spreading In The Light was released on March 25, 2014 on North Street Records.

The five tracks of Spreading In The Light are as vast and impressive as Pink’s own varied background (she was born in Los Angeles, raised in Tel Aviv and then spent several years in New York City). From the danceable “Man to Man” to the sensuality of “Feel It,” the EP is dream-like without ever seeming fanciful. It is grounded by an aching realism and imbued by both Pink’s collaborative spirit and her singular call for a more artful, close knit world. She adds that several songs, particularly the EP’s title track, were made to recreate the sensation of “being submerged in a womb under water, hearing the thump of life softly but firmly beating.”

Appropriately, that very image is conveyed in the official music video for “Spreading In The Light,” shot and directed by Alfredo Lopez (Boardwalk, Vex Ruffin). Nev Schulman, creator of the documentary Catfish and its follow up TV series on MTV, co-stars in the video alongside Pink. The video also features cameos by fellow Los Angelinos including Spanish musician Lourdes Hernandez known as Russian Red, musicians Bedouin and Trevor Bahnson (Song Preservation Society), art curator Sharon Zoldan, casting director Rachel Williams, actor Roger Kuch, and Spencer Nikosey, creator and designer of Silverlake’s leather goods brand Killspencer.

Previously, Shanee Pink collaborated on a song with Ben Taylor for his mother, Carly Simon. She has also opened for The Kin (who ironically, are now on tour opening for PINK), and had her music played on two MTV programs. Recalling her own upbringing, Shanee Pink volunteers for Leave Out ViolencE (L.O.V.E), an anti-bullying initiative that encourages young people to seek out creative forms of expression. Later this year, Shanee will begin work on her full-length album.