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Julias Moon

Crafting soulful, heart-filled pop songs with a nouveau R&B twist
Red lipstick lies from your fading face. 
We could reach for the stars, or give in, take off and fly.
lyrics from Lipstick Lies

JULIAS MOON is the name taken on by Copenhagen three piece Louis, Nicolai and Oliver – a trio who specialise in crafting soulful, heart-filled pop songs with a nouveau R’n'B twist.

Love, sex and melancholy are unifying elements in the trio’s lyrical universe; themes that have always been the raison d’être of the Soul and Pop sphere. Through cutting-edge electronic production and strong melodic content the trio have created a contemporary Nordic sound, fetching inspiration from R&B, Neo-Soul, 80’s Synth Pop, 90’s Euro and newer UK Electronica. Picking and choosing their sources of inspiration like many young bands of today, JULIAS MOON have created their own sharp, fresh and infectious Pop vision.

They’ve just released their brand new track + video ‘Lipstick Lies’ into the world, following up their exceptionally well received track ‘Bay’ which appeared on late last years EP “Backseat Thunder”. With a series of live performances lined up throughout Denmark in coming months – including a much anticipated performance at Aarhus’s SPOT Festival – this trio are set to have a very busy 2014. Tune into ‘Lipstick Lies’ andf ‘Bay’ right here for a taste of just what this three piece are capable of.