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Jukebox Champions

Topflight turntable masters from Paris who seamlessly fuse a mishmash of sounds
I’m sorry baby, but this service is a service unavailable no more.
lyrics from You Can Call Me Joe Joe

In just one year JUKEBOX CHAMPIONS have gained worldwide recognition for their unique performances and productions with MPC samplers. Consisting of two members, Fade, originally from the UK, producer/DJ of the group ASM (A State of Mind) and Blanka, French, one of the 4 beatmakers from La Fine Equipe. Together they create a mesmerizing live show blending technology and music influenced by Hip Hop, Funk, Soul and Turntablism. On stage they move seamlessly between four MPCs, two turntables, and a mix of their own homemade samplers, which is all complimented by an interactive video show.

Everything happened very quickly for JUKEBOX CHAMPIONS when they released their first video of a performance overlooking the city of Marseille. VICE Magazine contacted them instantly and asked if they would participate in a competition in association with ADIDAS. They won the competition, gained a partnership with the brand with the three stripes, and even featured in an advertisement for them.

In November 2012 they released their first self-titled EP “JUKEBOX CHAMPIONS”. Filled with well-known features like DELUXE, 80s Funkster KID CREOLE, and ASM. It marked the beginning of their tour that took them through France, the UK, Germany, Switzerland, Poland, Lithuania, Morocco, Czech Republic and Belgium. In March 2013 they released the EP on vinyl including a bonus track and 50 exclusive samples and scratches for DJs and Producers. JUKEBOX CHAMPIONS released 25 copies from their own website which sold out in 30 minutes.

During Spring 2013 the duo released a new video for their song “Celebrate” which was given away as a free download. They were also kept busy collaborating with artists like DJ Vadim, Dafuniks, DJ Suspect, Laëtitia Dana as well as with the brands LG Electronics, AKAI, Numark, and of course ADIDAS.

They received a lot of media support from the beginning including notable TV, radio, printed and online media spots from «Aline Au Pays des Merveilles (France ô), CultureBox and the 9/20 (France 3), Ouvert La Nuit (France Inter), Novaplanet, Un Disque Un Jour, VICE, to name but a few.

The next step for JUKEBOX CHAMPIONS was naturally their debut album “Don’t Rock The Jukebox”. Continuing with their Funk, Hip Hop, Soul and Reggae influenced sound they decided to try and bring artists together on songs who had never collaborated before. For example the Danish singer Astrid Engberg with famous Blues Harmonicist Jean-Jacques Milteau on Run, or Biga Ranx and Soom T on Anthem. There are also plenty of other examples within the albums feature list of Akil The MC (Jurassic 5), Robin Banks, Raashan Ahmad, Mattic, Emilie Chick, Afrika Baby Bam (Jungle Brothers), Kid Creole, ASM (A State of Mind), The Empire Fantastic & Justin Percival.

JUKEBOX CHAMPIONS are returning to the road in 2014 with a brand new live show. Not losing what made them unique, their concerts are still interactive, entertaining, energetic and musical, with two turntables in the center, four MPCs, which are turned to face the audience, and the new addition of a full immersive stage design with video mapping. Plus, the show now features the talented MC Mattic from North Carolina, Danish singer Astrid Engberg and ASM (A State of Mind). They never hide behind laptops, they prefer to turn, twist, jump and move, synchronized with one another as they play with their many samplers and unique instruments that they have created for the show. Fade and Blanka continue to prove that they are true performers committed to pushing the boundaries of what is expected from a live show today.