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Sae Lis'

Funky French-Lebanese soulful pop nourished by warm West African grooves
Push the limit to the sky, fear no more. Dry your tears now and reach to the core.
lyrics from Warrior

Funky French-Lebanese singer songwriter Sae Lis’ chose her native language, French, for her new musical opus. After releasing a self-produced album “The Quest”, mostly in English, in 2012, the world citizen goes back to her roots with a fresh blend of organic pop. Her music is full of emotions, poetry and engaged lyrics.

A sincere, warm and sensitive voice, a spoon of Afro groove naturally inspired by her African childhood, gently mixed with organic music, make the main ingredients of Sae’s original sound.

After winning a silver medal at the 2013 “ Jeux de la Francophonie”, the young lady continues her journey through music by touring and writing for a new album. You can catch her jamming in Paris, performing in festivals in Africa or even upcycling while baking cakes for friends and family in Beirut.

As the daughter of a prominent choreographer, music and dance were central features of her upbringing; she was immersed in music and performing arts since early childhood.

Nourished by these diverse musical influences, Sae Lis’ own musicality emerged to encompass a range of styles; from gospel and African world beat, to American pop or French classics, Sae is an artist with an insatiable taste for soul.

After studying cinema and theater in Paris, Sae Lis’ broadened her musical horizons while attending the Musician Institute in Los Angeles, where she passionately delved in the local scene. A born performer, Sae has always been drawn to the stage. From paying her dues, gigging along LA’s famous Sunset Strip, to picking up production work on movie sets, she’s crafted a kaleidoscope-like life of musical and theatrical experiences.