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Jenny and the Mexicats

A multicultural collective of musicians fuse together their flamenco, folk, and rockabilly backgrounds
A ella no le gusta trabajar, lo que le gusta es bailar, moviendo las caderas siempre va…con su caguama.
lyrics from Verde Más Allá

Jenny & The Mexicats is an awe-inspiring and attention grabbing fusion of music, personalities, rhythms and nationalities. Jenny had begun playing the trumpet when she was only 7 years old and was a self-taught singer, songwriter and guitarist - all before her 15th birthday. As of that age she began performing in her native London with Jazz bands as well as in the Classical music circuit, and played as an invited guest with numerous diverse orchestras, experiences that undeniably bore in her an unconditional love for music. At the tender age of 21, when she found herself in Spain, she felt she was finally where she belonged. Everything began when Icho (upright bass) invited Jenny (voice & trumpet) to make Madrid her new home. Icho called up the best guitarist in town, a Mexican musician by the name of “Pantera”. He made his living as a flamenco guitarist and he and Icho had played together many years before in a Rockabilly band as well as in a Punk band back in their hometown of Mexico. Pantera then proposed another friend of his, David, who played the Spanish “Cajon”. An extraordinary Madrid-born percussionist, he had also shared the stage with Pantera in the Flamenco circuit and had mastered his execution of the instrument.

And so began the grand adventures of a brilliantly talented young girl, leaving her home of London in search of new sounds, joining forces with extremely gifted musicians, and forming Jenny & The Mexicats in 2008. The group presented and array of new sounds deriving from their respective roots and inspired by the combination of flamenco, folk, and rockabilly. Despite their slight language barrier, they persevered and communicated through their connection and understanding of the language of music. They performed and rehearsed tirelessly, and it wasn’t long before Jenny was writing original compositions incorporated with the unique and personal sound of the band. One of their first largely successful concerts was at the “Wonderland Festival” in August of 2008, where they traveled back to London in order to help raise awareness and funds for cancer research in the United Kingdom. In the UK, Jenny & The Mexicats started to gain considerable recognition and they quickly realized they had created something very distinctive and unique. When they returned to Spain, they became aware of the fact that the fusion of music they were creating was not only welcomed, but also appreciated and thoroughly enjoyed by almost any audience. So they embarked on a musical journey where they performing everywhere they could, beginning in the streets of Madrid, and ending up being invited to practically every concert hall in the city. Ultimately recognized by the entire alternative music circuit in Spain.

In 2011, the band received the honor of the LNEV award for being the best touring band at a national level in the “world music” category. In that same year they received the prestigious national award “Factoria Joven” of Spain, as well as the distinguished “Artists en Route” award from AIE, and were further publically honored in the Fetimad Villa of Madrid. At the end of 2011, J&MC signed with their current management company, EarthTown Entertainment/The Town Management and moved to Mexico. They were extremely successful, were covered by nearly every news outlet in the country and performed numerous concerts throughout 2014, including the Metropolitan Theater , sold-out performances at Plaza Condesa, and many different venues across the country, where they performed in front of more than two thousand people just 6 months after their arrival to Mexico City. Their current self titled album “Jenny & The Mexicats” has been released through the label “e35” and is being sold internationally both in stores and digitally, with already a #2 spot in sales on iTunes in Mexico. JATM were invited to perform at the Latin Grammy after show party and were part of the immensely talented cast for the show “The Producers” at Las Vegas Hard Rock Café. Jenny & The Mexicats is undoubtedly an awe-inspiring group. The musicality and resonance of their songs, the profoundness of their arrangements and interpretations and the inevitable power and connection they have on stage, is what has propelled them to their level of achievement in such a short amount of time. It’s a musical journey we all need to be a part of and a success story people will be talking about for a long time to come.