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Retro Stefson

Sizzling Icelandic disco licks that are hot enough to melt frozen dance floors
Green collar crime for my late night obsession. And if I jump off a violet time, I might land in depression.
lyrics from Glow

Retro Stefson is a young bunch of musicians, fronted by the brothers Unnsteinn and Logi Stefánsson, that started out as a project in middle school and is now widely recognized as the tightest, most fun, best looking and – probably – most clever band in town. With lyrics in Icelandic, English, French and Portuguese, hot disco licks, the baddest beats and a bag of hits to boot, Retro Stefson are a band to watch … and see, as evidenced by their extraordinary live show (the band has around 600 shows under their belt despite being in their early 20s).

Retro Stefson's self-titled third album has already gone platinum in the their home country of Iceland, where the band is hugely popular, and an expanded US re-release (complete with b-sides and remixes) is planned for this year, followed by a new album shortly thereafter (the band is already in Berlin, hard at work writing the next record). Retro Stefson have already been lining their pockets with handfuls of Iceland Music Awards and a Nordic Music Prize nomination and I suspect similar accolades are not far off here in the states.