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Rich Girls

Dark, reverb-heavy garage rock/pop inspired by early sounds of The Cure
You're such a disaster, kryptonite catastrophe. No one survives, no one survives.
lyrics from Kryptonite Disaster

Rich Girls is the solo project of Luisa Black (The Blacks). After the break-up of her SF/NY-based garage trio in 2010, Black was reluctant to assemble a new band. Instead she began work on a series of demos, writing and recording the full band instrumentation herself. Eventually she joined forces with engineer Sean Beresford to produce The One I Want , a collection of garage rock torch songs from the dark end of the street. Black’s enduring obsession with tone (“I’m always chasing the perfect reverb”), stripped down, elemental guitar and hard-hitting drums returns in Rich Girls’ debut EP. The One I Want takes the minimalist, garage-inspired instrumentation of The Blacks into dark pop territory with the addition of bass, piano and Black’s signature reverb-heavy vocal sound. The result is a pop confessional of love and addiction backed by tuneful, early-Cure inspired guitar lines. EP single “Sink Like Stones” offers an up-tempo embrace of self-destruction disguised as a summer pop song. To accompany the track, Black scripted a short horror film and teamed up with director Stokes McIntyre to produce it as a music video. The video was shot in San Francisco and featured a cast of local musicians and artists playing low-bottom rock and rollers. Video and EP were released on Tricycle Records in late 2013. All songs written and played by Luisa Black. Live band now includes: Andrew Dietrich Burmester (guitar), August Churchill (bass) and Chris Sipe (drums).