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Miami Horror

Australian psychedelic-dance adventurers who found inspiration in the glowing year-round Californian sun
So many colours fill the sky, so many good things to come. If only they always caught my eye, silent explosions.
lyrics from Colours in the Sky

It may have been a long time coming for some, but Australia’s favourite psychedelic-dance adventurers, Miami Horror, are set to return this Summer with a whole new bag of delights.

The past few years have seen the group release their highly anticipated debut, Illumination, to heady acclaim, as well as relocate to the US after lengthy tours of both their home country and abroad. Settling in Los Angeles, the four-piece quickly found inspiration in the glowing year-round Californian sun, set up a home studio, and eagerly started experimenting with new sounds and projects to ease their creative itch.

Proving that time is of importance, the band, anchored by producer Benjamin Plant, have spent the last year crafting and perfecting new material glittered with dream-gazey synth and matured song writing to deliver a new chapter in Miami Horror's evolution.

Miami Horror is: Benjamin Plant (keys, bass, production), Joshua Moriarty (guitar, vocals), Daniel Whitechurch (keys, bass, percussion), Aaron Shanahan (vocals, production), and Joel Farland (drums).