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A Parisian beat-maker creates a musical world of subtle delicateness, scratches and bass
The production is incredibly tight but this sound is never flashy or arrogant.
quote from Senbei biography

The musical world of Senbei is made of a subtle delicateness, scratches and bass, which could meet with Amon Tobin, Flying Lotus, Prefuse 73 or edIT.

When he is not alone he is also a member of Dubstep projects “Tha New Team” and “Tha Trickaz” (Play Me Records, Ninja Tune, Audioporn) and Hip Hop Swing duet “Smokey Joe & The Kid” (Banzaï Lab).

The Parisian still finds some time to work on Thierry Mugler new show “Mugler Folies” for its sound design, in collaboration with Hip Hop dance world champion SKORPION.

After two solo albums "Trouble Toys" (Banzaï Lab – 2008), “The Kid” (Banzaï Lab – 2010) and an EP “MiLo”, Senbeï is finally back with a new album “Micrology”. A versatile beatmaker, Senbeï takes inspiration as much from Bass Music as he does from Hip Hop, without ever abandoning his own extraordinary, poetic and sometimes charmingly naive imagination. The production is incredibly tight but this sound is never flashy or arrogant, instead it invites listeners to step up into a new realm that they will never want to leave.

This new seductive album reminds us that electronic music and delicateness can, in the right circumstances, produce a beautiful blend allowing us to drift into a dreamlike state. Entering the world of Senbei, like we do with Japanese film maker Myazaki, makes us happy and that is a thing of beauty.