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A ramshackle troop of East Londoners hammering away for visceral, guitar rock gold
If you don't feel inspired, you must be dead inside.
lyrics from Cloudfest

Groups of good time boys and girls, musicians and renegades, vampires and vagabonds throughout the country are rooted in the same, unenviable and rudimentary limbo, frantically scheming, delicately lock-picking and audaciously plotting for the next strike for gold.

Dexters have the master keys to that lock. They stole, or in fact borrowed them from the caretaker of a ramshackle school for young tearaways and juvenile delinquents in the rough part of East London they grew up in.

This is their place, their zone and their territory, where they incessantly hammer for gold.

What’s refreshing about Dexters’ sound is that it can’t be easily pigeon-holed but the band don’t shy away from influences, marvelling at the melodies of The La’s, or even emulating the sheer punk, visceral aggression of The Clash or The Specials onstage.

“Lyrically we look to Ray Davies and The Kinks. Our songs are stories and tales. That’s so important to us,” remarks the band’s wordsmith Tom. Telling each other stories is something that the band thrive on and this is clearly reflected in their work.

Another innate value, which is firmly fixed in the band, is confidence and desire. Dexters are set to walk the walk they’ve been talking about thus far in the autumn of this year, and they can’t wait to showcase themselves as a thrilling and rampant force.

“The time is right for Dexters,” says Tom. “We hear it everywhere we go that people are ready for a band with big tunes and a proper energetic live show. I believe we are the band that they are waiting for.”