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PawnShop kings

Encapsulating the music of the American South with equal parts rock, gospel, country and pop
This is how books get written, this is why tales are told.
lyrics from Falls Apart

Driven by formative, familial experiences on their Arkansas plantation, born in Texas, and raised on the beach in southern California, PawnShop kings play the music of the American South with equal parts rock, gospel, country and pop. Their inspiration stems greatly from the melodic sensibility and purpose of the Staple Singers and Bob Marley atop the brilliant musical sounds and honesty of the Beatles. An early exposure to Southern black churches during their childhood fostered a deeper lyrical significance. 
“Look, we’ll play everywhere we can: bars, clubs, churches, street corners, venues, festivals, wherever. There are people in every environment,” explains Scott, “ourselves included, looking to each other for a lift. If we can sing into that condition with our music, then that’s all we can ask. Hope is actually okay to hold onto even when it doesn’t seem possible.”

“Yeah, and we’ve had tough times in the past. In fact, the last couple years have been tough,” adds younger brother Joel. “But no matter how hard it’s been or will ever be for any of us, somebody else always has it worse. That’s reality. So if we don’t look out for each other, who’s going to? And this goes way beyond music. It’s a social responsibility that we both experience deeply.”

Clearly, PawnShop kings’ musical identity defies easy description – and not only because of the amalgamation of styles. The lowercase “k” in the band’s name suggests a church-borne intentionality that keeps the brothers as friends and from straying too far from faith and family.