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Farewell Flight

Impassioned anthems of personal failure and redeeming triumph
We are at the start, breathe the magic in, going down the road into the wide open air. We can steer ourselves any direction that we choose.
lyrics from The Places We'll Go

Farewell Flight is an independent, melodic indie-rock band, originally from the heart of Central Pennsylvania; living what at times feels like a Bruce Springsteen song: where farm boys and sons of blue collar factory workers abandon college pursuits and steady jobs to chase down the dream of rock stardom on a level that no musician ever openly admits to. Alternating between guitar and piano, singer Luke Foley is joined by lead guitarist Rabbit Campbell, and drummer Caleb Allensworth. The band strives to impact a wide audience with intelligent, relatable lyrics fused by smart song structures; often evoking the response from listeners, 'How is this not already a song?' These anthems of personal failure and redeeming triumphs are presented with an impassioned and sweeping live performance that resonates with any crowd, especially if they've had a few drinks.

Recently named one of AP magazine's 100 Bands You Need To Know In 2012, the group embodies the spirit of true traveling musicians, having played over 700 shows from coast to coast over the last six years and 29 tours of their existence. Through their music and lyrics, the band brings accessible songs with an anthemic flavor that play like the cinematic soundtrack of a movie, featuring the highs, lows, anguish, ecstasy and sometimes boredom of a life lived by normal, average people. Drawing from personal experiences to which almost anyone can relate, they appeal to a wide variety of dedicated fans; from grizzled middle-aged alcoholics, to teenagers in angst, to hipster taste-making bloggers, but most especially to those going through a quarter-life crisis. Currently, the band is resides in it's favorite town in America: Nashville, TN.

After a successful Kickstarter campaign, the band was able to independently fund, record and release I Was A Ghost; a 30 minute soundtrack tinged with nostalgia and memories of what once was, as interpreted by Luke Foley. I Was A Ghost is the highly anticipated follow up to the critical darling, Out For Blood. I Was A Ghost is, in singer-songwriter Foley's words, 'either the greatest or last or next album we'll ever make.'