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A Yawn Worth Yelling

Soaring, jangly epic caveman rock that will make your heart ache with fear and ecstasy
My first love broke my heart for the first time, and I was like...Baby, baby, baby oooh. Like baby, baby, baby nooo.
lyrics from Baby

April Fools! :) Here's the real story on today's band...For emerging indie-rock outfit A Yawn Worth Yelling, thinking different is more than just a revolutionary marketing catchphrase; it’s a way of life deeply ingrained in the personalities of the young musicians that comprise the San Jose, California four-piece. “Our musical tastes and backgrounds are diverse, so challenging ourselves to make different and exciting music is second nature to us,” states lead vocalist, guitarist, and percussionist Tyler Boyd. The band’s sophisticated, and whimsical indie-rock sound hosts dashes of math-rock and alternative rock with the experimental style paying homage to influences such as The Dirty Projectors, Young The Giant, Manchester Orchestra, Vampire Weekend, and Grouplove, among others. As bassist Johannes Heine adds; “We love the unpredictability and foreignness of experimental artists. It’s definitely a creative ambition of ours to channel that degree of musicianship.”

Following a successful northwestern tour, the group’s unshakable togetherness and chemistry further came to the forefront as the band jumped head-first into the recording process for their second full-length. As lead guitarist Brayden Deskins explains; “We wrote these songs about the special nights that we never want to end, the nights we want to have for the rest of our lives, the nights we want people to listen to our music,” with drummer Taylor Stover adding; “When it came time to name our new EP,  we had an epiphany about why we make music together, and it comes down to nights spent in each other’s company.” The Nights These EP is backed by lead single “Heart Stuck,” a carefree, gleeful summer anthem recollecting the band’s spiritual home, San Francisco. The band will be touring extensively this year and will release Nights Like These on April 29th, ahead of a full-length later this year.