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Modern doo wop inspired by 1960s girl groups like The Shangri-La’s, Ronettes, and The Angels
Oh, Stephen, you gave me the feelin’ that we would be fine. So when I went away I left my heart behind, now you’re saying outta sight is outta mind.
lyrics from Stephen

PEP originally began as the solo project of Starlight Girls drummer Karys Rhea. In the fall of 2011, after hearing ‘Runaround Sue’ playing in a clothing store, Rhea became nostalgic and downloaded over 100 albums from the 50s and early 60s. She started humming doowop style melodies while practicing monotonous drum rudiments for hours at a time. These drum parts and vocal melodies became the foundation for two out of the four songs on her upcoming EP, My Baby and Me, set for a December 3rd release date. The EP features Emil Hewitt (Emil & Friends) on bass and was mixed by Jake Aron (Jamie Lidell, Grizzly Bear, Chairlift, Yeasayer).

Karys began recording the album in early 2012 while she was on a three-month tour of the heartland with Starlight Girls. When she returned to Brooklyn, the next obvious step was to assemble a band and bring these songs alive on stage. After a few initial line-up changes, PEP has settled into a tight knit act that includes Morgan Lynch and Ilana Webber on backing vocals and percussion, Eric Jackowitz on drums, Teddy Williams on bass, and David Origlieri on guitar. In a live setting, the six piece set up truly breathes a vintage wind into PEP's unique brand of indie doo-wop.

PEP completes the picture with an army of back-up singers and choreographed moves reminiscent of 1960s girl groups The Shangri-La’s, Ronettes, and The Angels, who all clearly provide an inspirational spring board. A few highlights of their live show include “Get Physical”, which showcases Rhea’s percussive background and features Morgan Lynch on lead vocals, and a raucous cover of The Marvelette’s “All the Love I Got”.