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Throes and The Shine

Ferocity of rock mixed up with party oriented Portuguese/kuduro rhythms
Eu que vou lhe dar, batida.
lyrics from Batida

The ferocity of rock doesn't seem like a catalyst to mix up with the party oriented kuduro rhythms. Throes and The Shine thought differently once they heard each other play and decided to join forces to create something that was a total question mark on everyones mind.

Marco Castro (guitar and synthesizers) and Igor Domingues (drums and percussion) are Throes. The Shine is a duo from Luanda, composed by André do Poster and Diron, with explosive rhythms in their voices and born and bred by Kuduro. João Brandão (bass guitar and production) adds to the mix fully forming Throes + The Shine.

Having met in November of 2010, these two bands joined forces and released a debut LP called “Rockuduro” in 2012 and are currently getting their sophomore album ready for Spring of 2014. They have been storming stages since July of 2011, having passed by some great festivals such as Roskilde Festival (Denmark), Sudoeste SW.TMN (Portugal), Electron Festival (Switzerland), Festival Chorus (Paris), and many others all over Europe.