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Smokey Joe and the Kid

Two French gangsters mix hip hop and electro with the groove of early 20th century swing
Listen to me brother don’t let this happen to you, don’t take the woman home till you’re sure the love is true.
lyrics from Gone Feat. Sugaray

After two years of blowing up French, European and American stages, Smokey Joe & The Kid present their first release LP “Nasty Tricks” on French record label Banzaï Lab. A dangerously efficient mix of hip hop, electro and old Swing, that even 2Pac and Al Capone couldn’t say no to... In this project, Smokey Joe (Bordeaux’s main musical mafia head) and The Kid aka “Senbeï,” (cheeky Parisian master of Turntablism), transport us back in time gangsters run streets of 1930’s Chicago. After a 1st EP released in June 2012 and of which 2 tracks are still on Beatport HipHop Top 100, the duet comes back in March 2013 to confirm that try with their 1st LP “Nasty Tricks”. Great collaborations enhance that first opus: Puppetmastaz, R-Wan (Java), Lateef the Truthspeaker, Nomadic Massive, Youthstar (Chinese Man), Random Recipe, Sugaray... With the help of their accomplices, these two gangsters mix Hip Hop and Electro with the groove and melodies of early 20th century Swing. Percussion solos played with scratches, beats and melodies banged out on the MPC, everything is performed live, there’s no doubt that Smokey Joe & The Kid know how to make a dancefloor go wild!! Kidnapped, we retrieve consciousness in the middle of a crazy Block Party for a timeless Jam Session where urban poetry melts into the decadent energy of old speakeasies. Smokey Joe & The Kid’s music spreads like cigar smoke, so if you hear “Nasty Tricks” on your neighbor’s stereo, it’s just a matter of time before the duet knocks at your door.