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Young Summer

Blissful synths veiled in a mist of earnest, melancholy musings
Don't be so scared of the things you love.
lyrics from Waves That Rolled You Under

DC-based singer/songwriter Young Summer (born Bobbie Allen) can’t tell you her childhood address. That is to say, she’s moved so many times she can’t possibly pin it down to one neat set of numbers. Even in the midst of the pushes and pulls of such a transient lifestyle, however, Allen never failed to find solace in one thing that has remained constant: music. Coming of age to the sounds of Karen Carpenter and Freddie Mercury, Allen was at once awestruck and captivated by her favorite artists. When she discovered Michael Jackson’s Off the Wall on cassette as a child, she played it until the tape finally snapped in her Fisher Price tape recorder. Wrapping herself in that comfort, Allen found her own voice at a remarkably young age. Following in the footsteps of her mom, who Allen says was always singing, the young songstress went throughout her days singing, and thankfully one of her preschool teachers encouraged her parents to let her do just that. It’s that voice, mastered by years of spontaneous practice, which defines Young Summer. Though Allen herself had to come face-to-face with her own debilitating stage fright (she signed herself up for a festival and just got over it), she has grown into the talent American Songwriter says “sounds like Heaven.” After landing a spot opening for Nashville singer/songwriter Trent Dabbs in her hometown of Washington, D.C., the musicians exchanged email addresses with hopes of working together again, and Dabbs followed through on his word by inviting Allen to come to Nashville in August of 2011. Producer, Jeremy Bose was added to the mix and the three of them together helped create the sound Allen had always been searching for: a fresh, savvy, electronic incarnation known as Young Summer… Young Summer presents a new side of artistry for Allen. “It's extremely honest music,” she explains. “It really is no-holds-barred in its honesty. It feels that way when you hear it because that concept is very deliberate. That's the thread that brings all of the songs together and makes them related. It all comes from a very sincere and honest place.”