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Memoria de Peixe

Experimental Portuguese rock made with short guitar loops and sunny coastal grooves
The truth it makes you rise, it also makes you fall.
lyrics from Walkabout (feat. Catarina Salinas)

"Memória de Peixe", which means "fish memory", is a music project, based on creating songs with short loops of guitar (around 8 seconds) and a drum kit.
Their sound is instrumental, incorporating elements of alternative and experimental rock into a pop form. The guitar work often adds eclectic layers of rhythmic, melodic and bass guitars with multiple sections along the song. The beat is also groovy and upbeat to create more dynamics between, sounding like a full band.

In May 2012 they released their first record via Lovers & Lollypops and was considered one of the best Portuguese albums of the year by Portuguese press, reaching the number one on the national radio "Antena 3”. They released 4 singles and 4 music videos also directed by Miguel Nicolau, and the latest was “7/4”, which is the visual interpretation of a choreography, explaining the loop process visually.

They toured and played in festivals like “Milhões de Festa or Optimus Primavera Sound and recently, the Brazilian “Coquetel Molotov”, getting some international attention with positive reviews. In the end of 2013, Nuno Oliveira decided to go into different directions and Marco Franco joined the project, a well known drummer from the improvisational, jazz and experimental Portuguese scene. Currently, they are preparing their second album.