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Elegantly-layered textures of sonic weirdness with a delicate frosting of charm
Look at what we started, blood for the broken hearted. Dust for my dear departed, resuscitate me, never let me die.
lyrics from Resuscitate

“Hello hum. I am the dying lung of the town you left. I was beginning to fear, beginning to fear that you would never come back.” These words open Wintersleep's the first track, “Hum", on their new album entitled Hello Hum. The song sits like a layer of mist that the speeding car of “In Came the Flood” comes bursting through. It’s a two-‐part introduction to the diverse layers of Hello Hum. As the record progresses, glowing melodies are backed by rhythms that can stand as the skeletons of songs or be studied for their subtle complexities. Guitars and keyboards weave together in fits of sonic weirdness that somehow shine with pop charm. Wintersleep – who can now be referred to as ‘Juno Award winners’ ‐ have brought their distinctive sound to audiences across many territories and continents, playing with bands such as The Hold Steady, Wolf Parade, Paul McCartney, Editors and The Macabees, as well as on the stages of David Letterman. Is Hello Hum a high-­water mark? A divergent progression? Maybe it’s just ten years worn well. Loel Campbell, Paul Murphy & Tim D'Eon have spent a decade collecting. Hello Hum starts a new chapter.