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Happy Fangs

Angst-driven improvised punk anthems from a warpainted San Franciscan duo
I've chosen books over boys, but these sheets don't look quite as coy.
lyrics from That Activity

Happy Fangs is San Francisco's black & white warpainted duo of Mr. Cobra of King Loses Crown & RGB (Rebecca Gone Bad) of My First Earthquake. She brings her high-energy vocals. He brings his grit-pop guitar. Together they make punk anthems to make The Beach Boys, Blondie, & Bikini Kill proud.

The story of Happy Fangs starts in 2007 in the San Francisco neighborhood Tenderloin. RGB and Mr. Cobra shared a rehearsal space at Francisco Studios and got to know one another through their respective bands. Besides a shared drummer, the bands had little commonality musically; RGB’s band My First Earthquake mined the indie pop scene while Mr. Cobra’s King Loses Crown leaned towards the dark electro-rock side of the spectrum. In 2012, Mr. Cobra found out that RBG was parting ways with her band and would no longer be around the practice space. He reached out to her out of concern that she was abandoning making music altogether and upon learning that her artistic spirit was alive and well, the two sparked a creative partnership.

Alongside the juxtaposing music is a strong two-tone visual component. “Like the name Happy Fangs, we felt stark black and white imagery allowed us to visually play with that contrast,” says Bortman. Photographs of the band show them in black and white attire, often with angular face paint patterns. Their live show is met with same enthusiasm and creative energy. At every show, Happy Fangs create and perform an original song with help from the audience, making every show unique – and giving the crowd a chance to see a song that will only exist in that space and time, never to be performed again.

“Improvisation is how we write most of our songs anyway and we are always looking for ways to make our live show a little more dangerous,” says RGB. “All it took was a drum beat and a suggestion from the audience and we were ready.”