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Fletcher C Johnson

Pack a cooler of beer, grab your closest buddies, and head out on a sonic road trip through the decades
Goodnight Vermont sleep silent in your bed. I know we've left words unsaid, and 10,000 books lay wait to be read, but I leave tonight for the Pacific Blue.
lyrics from Pacific Blue

Hailing from Southern Vermont, Fletcher C Johnson writes catchy guitar-pop and plays with a band out of Brooklyn, New York featuring Todd Martin on bass, John Dougherty on drums, and Adam Meisterhans on lead guitar. Fletcher started making music in the early 90s, playing guitar and writing songs for an anarcho-punk band, Aristocracy. In 1999, he went to college in Boston and recorded 1 album and 5 Eps of 4 track recording before teaming up with ace songwriter, and childhood friend, Kyle Thomas (King Tuff) to record a garage rock album called Is The World Ready For THE CURL. They weren't. Kyle and Fletcher, along with Fletcher's brother Matt, did a Northern US tour without booking any shows, just driving town to town and waiting for a show to appear. This ended in Fletcher giving up on music and couch surfing for 2 years in Boston, Brooklyn, and down the west coast. He lived for a couple months behind a couch in Portland.
After seeing Langhorne Slim perform one song while standing on a chair, Fletcher became obsessed with folk music, picked up an acoustic guitar, and started playing with another great songwriter, J Pereira. Their band, Poor Boy Johnson and the Goddamn Rattlesnake, recorded 1 record and played 54 shows in one year, 53 of them in New York City. This love of folk transitioned into country music when Joseph Plunket moved his band, The Weight, from Atlanta to Brooklyn. With Fletcher on lead guitar, The Weight released 2 albums on Tee Pee/Colonel records.
Fletcher continued writing his own songs and started the pop-rock band The Midnight Prayers, with Plunket on bass and Tom O'Brien on drums. They released 2 Eps in the mid 2000s, Wasted Boys and Hat It Up To Here. This lineup also went on to be the backing band for King Tuff's first tour in 2006 and continued playing with Tuff until 2011.
In 2009, Fletcher recorded the album It Rained Something Wicked. He played all the instruments on the record and named the project after himself, Fletcher C Johnson. Starting as a two piece, him and Tom O'Brien did 4 US tours before adding bassist Todd Martin and beginning work on the follow-up record, Salutations. Kyle got demos of this recording to Sean and Lee of Burger Records who offered to release the album on cassette and vinyl. The single, Messin Up My Mind b/w Lost My Head, was also released during this time on White Iris Records.
In 2012, Fletcher moved to California, lived in a practice space, and began work on the third Fletcher C Johnson full length, Lesson In Tenderness. This record is expected to be released later this year. Fletcher is back in New York City.