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A retro-futuristic exploration of cosmic Franco-indie pop
Je suis fait d’encre, et de poussière, de coïncidences imaginaires.
lyrics from Composite

Out of the celestials comes Composite, Monogrenade’s second project, available February 4th via Bonsound. This album follows Tantale, the Franco-indie pop outfit's debut album released in Canada in 2011. When Tantale dropped the following year on the other side of the Atlantic, Europeans began to pay attention. French magazine Les Inrockuptibles named Monogrenade as one of the most beautiful bands of the moment. Linking the title of the album and the music, are the lyrics, which explore our human essence. “We are complex beings, made up of genetic, environmental, chaotic baggage”, explains singer-songwriter Jean-Michel Pigeon. “We are too small (or too big) to understand all of our complexities. We sail through this as if we knew what we should do, what is right and what is wrong. Like planets revolving around the Sun, old ancestors orbit around us as if they knew our secrets.” This retro-futuristic complexity is emphasized by the images in the album's booklet and is also present in the instrumentation. Pushing the electro aspect of their sound, the band makes good use of old synths and a Linn Drum. French horn player Pietro Amato (Arcade Fire, The Luyas, Bell Orchestre) adds an organic feel to many songs while Marie-Pierre Arthur's vocals beautifully complement Jean-Michel's on Labyrinthe. Composed by Monogrenade and string quartet Mommies on the Run (Patrick Watson, Karkwa, Ariane Moffatt), the string arrangements surround the eclectic pop style, creating a profound, coherent album. Composite is not only a musical journey, but also an exploration of the human spirit.